[REVIEWS] This Will Destroy You – Another Language – Suicide Squeeze (2014)

This Will Destroy You - Another Language - Suicide Squeeze (2014)

This Will Destroy You’s third full length album Another Language is incredibly captivating. The record elicits a warm, lush, nostalgic aura while re-approaching the sonic palate and conventional song structure that exists throughout much of the post-rock genre. The record begins on a mysterious, somber synth drone that blossoms into a crushing tunnel of noise on New Topia, aptly setting the tone for the perfectly executed juxtaposition of hopeful joy and eerie, warped, dystopic undertones that pervades throughout the record.

Dutism is an early highlight, led off once again by a twisted, ghostly synth, but also overwhelmed by optimism and positivity. The first half of the track evokes somewhat of a weirder, less languid verson of Sigur Ros’ ( ), and the track particularly shines when a steady thump emerges out of a thick drone and evolves into one of the most gut-wrenching and euphoric climaxes ever, at times recalling the production, texture and vibe of Lymbyc Systym’s Shutter Release.

There is an extremely well executed use of ambient interludes between tracks on this record, and Serpent Mound appears seamlessly through a distant drone. Initially characterized by mesmerizing piano and chunky bits of noise, the track suddenly drops into a dizzying frenzy, incorporating a brilliant use of the aforementioned chunky bits of noise overtop a pounding crescendo. The 5 seconds of weird arpeggiating synth at the very end of the track is an amazing touch.

War Prayer is certainly the most hard-hitting and confrontational track on the album. It is dominating, fuzzy and evil until it suddenly shifts to establish an uncanny balance of sincere happiness and brooding darkness.

The Puritan is a perfectly placed ambient break, bittersweet, remorseful and airy. Mother Opiate immediately creates a grim, jazzy atmosphere, accidentally scoring the perfect soundtrack to a bleak, morose, old-time radio detective drama. It’s a fascinating and exciting direction or experimentation for This Will Destroy You, and further illustrates the diverse, boundary pushing nature of the record.

The band is also incredibly effective at maximizing the potential of short songs and more straightforward song structure. Invitation is instantly captivating, and a well-considered evolution of a dreamy, nostalgic theme.

Memory Loss is inviting and warm but also hazy and confusing. 2:47 sort of feels like the moment before you jump off a cliff, and the rest of the song sort of feels like a slowed down memory of your fall and descent into the water. I also think the brief weird sample of what sounds like a deranged or possessed auctioneer is my favorite moment on the record.

Gold Teeth begins on a lucid wave that brings to mind some of Eluvium’s work and is eventually enveloped by a retreating whisper and a hopeful guitar melody. It is a low-key way of ending the record, kind of like gently waving goodbye to the listener while they walk away.

Another Language is full of some extremely powerful and beautiful moments, and is certainly one of the most progressive, forward thinking and sonically fascinating instrumental rock releases in recent years.

The album is available in vinyl, CD or digital at the Suicide Squeeze store.